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Crystal Concrete Wall Treatment Powder (Teramex)

Cement-based, water-repellent, smooth, surface-smoothing putty.
Cement-based smoothing putty, smooth, white, designed for smoothing uneven concrete and metals.
Filling small spaces cracks and covering defects of internal and external surfaces.

Application areas

  • To smooth uneven concrete and metal surfaces, to fill small space cracks – and to mask surface defects caused by removing old, blistering paint.

Crystal brick and thermostone adhesive

Crystal brick and thermostone adhesive is a high-performance, consisting of a unique mixture of cement, well-graded sand and a high content of improved additives and polymers, which, when mixed with water, forms a special adhesive capable of fixing all types of bricks, thermostones and blocks of large dimensions or heavy weight on various common construction surfaces that may be exposed to Limited vibrations in indoor or outdoor areas.

Milan Thermiston Adhesive

One-component, high-elasticity thermosetting block adhesive with high anti-slip resistance and long working life of the mixture.

MILANAdhesive and high-performance stresson consists of a unique cement colleagues and a high gradient and high content of improved additives and polymers, which is formed with water. Limited to indoor or outdoor areas.

MILANBrick adhesive Thermiston is a high-strength cementitious compound for ordinary bricks and air-gap bricks with high water absorption.

Satin Finishing Plaster

Use as a final coating and for interior applications.
It is applied after surface finish for interior applications. Surfaces applied to cement or gypsum, exposed concrete, smooth surface base plasters, uncleaned and painted surfaces, etc. It is also applied before finishes such as wallpaper and paint to create a smooth surface.

  • Surface cleaning and repair if necessary.
  • Pour the product into the water in a clean container according to the proportion of the appropriate mixture until it exceeds the surface of the water for one finger. After waiting for 3 5 minutes, –
    Mix at low speed with a mechanical mixer until a good mixture is achieved.
  • It should be applied as a thin layer with a thickness of max 1 mm on the surface with a trowel

Milan tile stone cleaner

Acid based cleaner to quickly remove cement residue without releasing harmful fumes.

Application areas

  • Cleaning the residues of cement products used as an adhesive or for the surface of the filler.
  • Cleaning cement and lime bridges from surfaces of ceramic tiles, clay, clinker, rustic furniture, kiln stone and natural stone
    Granite ceramics, glazed ceramics and glazed ceramics on walls and floors.
  • Clean light rust stains.

Roof Coat MERK - Water Stop

A white water-based silicone product that can be diluted with water, which gives a layer after use and dryness Rubber, waterproof, strong adhesion, non-cracking, filling capillary pores and cracks in the concrete.

It is used as a moisture sealant for concrete surfaces and walls for its ability to fill interstitial voids and capillary cracks as it is a semi-elastic liquid material and forms after drying a solid rubber layer that cannot be removed.

It is water permeable and bears the different environmental conditions to which the external surface may be exposed. It can also be used on internal surfaces with the same efficiency, knowing that the product is environmentally friendly and is considered one of the low-cost products for the consumer compared to the old alternatives used to treat surfaces.


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