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Concrete Repair Tail


Cement-based polymer and fiber-reinforced thin repair mortar


The prepared mixture is filled by applying pressure to the broken ,cracked ,broken areas on the floor with a steel trowel .for smooth surfaces, polishing is done with a damp sponge.
The sponge should be cleaned frequently.

Surfaces where Concrete repair style is applied must be moistened within 12-24 hours .the second humidification should be done 24 hours after the first humidification .the surface should be moistened for 2-3 days. further irrigation increases material performance.
The expired mortar should not be used.


Crystal (Skim Coat milan) Concrete Wall Treatment Powder

Cement-based, water-resistant, smooth, surface smoothing paste. 

Description :
Cement-based smoothing putty, smooth, white, designed for smoothing uneven concrete and metal

Application areas :
To smooth uneven concrete and metal surfaces, to fill small distance cracks, and to hide surface defects resulting from removing old blistered paint.

Lelav gypsum plaster with perlite

Product description :
Hand Applied Plaster Plaster is a gypsum-based interior surface plaster with increased heat and insulation properties.

Application :
The smoothness of the application surface is checked, and the plaster thickness is determined according to the smoothness of the surface. Plasters suitable for plaster thickness are placed. The mortar is applied to the surface with a trowel or plaster shovel. Excess mortar is scraped off the surface by screeding the surface. To obtain a glossy surface, the surface is smoothed with a steel trowel after 45 minutes. Before painting, ALL Fine Applicable Plaster is applied to the surface.


Application :
Good site organization is essential – the required thickness must be achieved in a single application. Best results are achieved when pouring and leveling is a continuous process until the selected area is completely leveled.

Precautions Health and safety
Self-Leveling1054Non-toxic, but slightly alkaline. Gloves must be worn during Use.Stains on
the skin should be washed with clean water.Accidental spots in the eyes should also be washed
with water but if long-term irritation occurs, medical advice should be sought.

Milan cleaner

Fields of Application :
* Cleaning off residues of cement-based products
used as adhesives or for grouting ceramic surfaces.
* Cleaning cement and lime staims from the
surfaces of ceramic tiles, terracotta, clinker, rustic
furnishing, oven stone, natural stone, granite
ceramic, porcelain ceramic and glazed ceramics on
walls and floors.
* Cleaning off slight rust stains.

Lelav satin finishing plaster

Application :

It is applied after surface finish for interior applications. Surfaces applied tc cement or gypsum, exposed concrete, smooth surface base plasters, uncleaned and painted surfaces, etc. It is also applied before finishes such as wallpaper and paint to create a smooth surface.

Wi Clean the surface and repair if necessary.
– Pour the product into the water in a clean container according to the proportion of the appropriate mixture until it exceeds the surface of the water for one finger. After waiting for a while3-5
minutes, mix at low speed with a mechanical mixer until a good mixture is achieved.
-It should be applied as a thin layer of thickness1 mm max on the surface with a trowel.