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Dfinition of the product
POLYBOND – SBR Single-component styrene-butadiene rubber anchor liquid stabilizer designed to improve the physical properties of mixtures Cement.

Uses :
POLYBOND – SBR is designed for the following
* Anchor agent between old and new concrete layers.
* To produce many types of traditional cement mortar such as cement mortar used in
brickwork, masonry, and tile adhesives,
* Forming a mechanical joint before applying the concrete to the concrete and brick surfaces.



MilanFix Smooth Surface Primer

MilanFix Smooth is One component, synthetic resin based primer used as an adhesion promoter for lime and cement based coatings
and especially plaster applications on smooth surfaces like fair faced concrete, wall and ceiling.

Uses :
Multi-purpose, ready-to-use primer for internal
and external floors and walls. Iso primer may be used to improve the bond of all types of cement, gypsum and lime-based plasters on
substrates made from concrete, brickwork, vibro-compressed concrete blocks, lightweight blocks and gypsum. Iso primer is also suitable for improving the bond of adhesives for ceram-ics, smoothing and levelling compounds on non-absorbent surfaces, such as ceramic, terrazzo and natural stone floors.

Crystal One Compound

Crystal One Compound is a one components; flexible polymer modified cemenous waterproof coating suitable for internal and external applications.


*Waterproofing for water retaining structures and
* Waterproofing of basements, roofs, and foundaons.
* Waterproofing of bathrooms and wet areas.
* Protec on of concrete substrates and masonry against
carbon dioxide, chloride ions, water and de-icing salts.


Crystal Two Compounds

Description :
A rubber cement compound consisting of two compounds,
one of which is a liquid based on water-insulating materials,
and the other is a powder.

Its basis is treated cement, and its synthetic plastics (which
are in the melted state) permeate the concrete surface and

Technical features:
(at 25°M) Density (after mixing at 25°M) :1.65+0.05 kg/liter (for cement color) Mixing ratio (for cement and green): 1 liquid: 2 powder

Run time: 30 minutes
Toxicity: non-toxic
Consumption rate: 1.8 kg/m2 for both sides with a total thickness of about 1 mm

Parker 400 Acrylic

It is a one-component acrylic-based sealant.

Features / Advantages :

*In expansion joints between prefabricated building elements
*In the assembly of wooden, PVC, iron and aluminum joinery
*In the combination of all kinds of joinery, plaster, windowsills and other building materials
*In the combination of Eternit and aluminum roof and facade plates and all kinds of building materials
*It is also used before painting against cracks.

Parker 900 Silicon

General purpose silicone joint sealant

Features / Advantages :

*It maintains its color continuously and is resistant to UV rays.
* Maintains its permanent elasticity after drying
* Does not smell after completely dry
* High and low heat resistance (-SO°C to +150°C)

Use :

*on glass surfaces e
*In bathroom, kitchen and other sanitary applications
* In general bonding applications
*Installation of aluminum, wood and PVC frames and windows




ROOFCOAT is a semifluid acrylic with polymer resins. Once applied in a thick coat, it provides a flexible waterproof membrane for pitched roofs and facades allowing the product to follow the expansion and tension cycles

Product Application:

ROOFCOAT is ready to be applied.
Mix the product with a spatula or a slow speed drill to recover its homogeneity. Apply with a brush roller or an appropriate gun
– For plastic galvanized or zinc roofs: apply one coat@1—2kg/m2.
– For concrete roofs, asbestos roofings or bituminous roofs:
Apply one coat of ROOFCOAT diluted with 5%of water as a primerThen after 8 hours at 20 C apply a second coat of undiluted ROOFCOAT @1to1.5kg/m2. Thinner&cleaningagent-water.




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