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Who we are

Rival Construction Chemical

Rival Company, one of the factories of Asia Paints Manufacturing Company, a pioneer in the manufacture of modern building chemicals and luxury insulation products according to international quality standards.

The company was established in Baghdad in 1984, and its production continued on a large scale in all governorates of Iraq. Its products are characterized by high quality and efficiency, and with a certificate from the laboratories of the Department of Standardization and Quality Control in Baghdad, where Rival redefined quality standards and raised the ceiling of competition high to ensure its strategic position at the forefront of industrial companies in Region.

We love
what we do...

And it became one of the first companies in the manufacture and implementation of insulating materials, building materials, adhesives for ceramics, porcelain, stone, alabaster and thermostone.

Our world today is in constant and rapid change, and we rely on the latest building materials products and keep pace with development. Therefore, we at Reval are working hard to constantly enhance the quality of our products.

Vision & Mission

A better future and we believe that there is more modernity that must be accompanied in the modern construction chemicals industry.

1. Leading the world to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through:
* Quality .... which makes us more confident.
* Innovate...make a difference.
* Loyalty ... Working collaboratively with our employees, partners and customers to solve problems and achieve goals.

2. We will endeavor to provide high quality products and services through continuous and innovative development in manufacturing and business operations.

3. We will become one of the most admired companies.


What sets us apart

All our products are made from the finest types of raw materials imported from solid and well-known international origins.